Hand/Occupational Therapy

  • Management of acute/chronic pain and soft tissue
    inflammation as a result of trauma (accident) or
    repetitive strain
  • Pre and post surgical care including tendon
  • Advance therapeutic modalities: Low intensity
    laser and light cluster
  • Conventional therapeutic modalities: paraffin,
    ultrasound, electrical modalities
  • Customized hand splinting
  • Use of Computerized Baltimore Therapeutic
    Exercise (BTE) Machine to restore functional hand
    tolerance through work and activity simulation
  • Desensitization Techniques for nerve
  • Sensory re-education following nerve injury
  • Pain and symptom management training
  • Upper extremity work conditioning and return to
    work training
  • Safety and injury prevention through proper body
    mechanics training
  • Daily life skills training through adaptive
    techniques for chronic conditions
  • Job site ergonomic analysis to promote safe work
    practices and re-injury prevention
  • Electronic patient documentation using iSystoc
    (Internet base patient management software)
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