State-of-the-Art Technology
As a commitment to provide the best customer services in the market, California
Occupational Clinic is using the latest technology available. With the use of digital
imaging, electronic medical records, and advance rehabilitation technologies we
are able to provide a fast and accurate services to our clients, employers and
insurance providers.
Radiography CR is here today and used
at California Occupational Clinic.

Referral to specialist is made easy by
transferring images to a disk or over the
PrimusRS™ - Endless versatility to help our
patients improve functionally.

The PrimusRS is simply the most versatile and
functional rehab system on the market today. With
all the resistance modes and attachments we are
able to simulate a variety of activities of daily
living and work activities and computerized
reports which greatly improve patient outcomes.
iSYSTOC offers clinic-approved third-parties a 24/7
Internet view-only access to applicable iSYSTOC data,
such as patient-specific injury, treatment, and
drug-screen information. The data is presented in an
interactive, on-line environment over a secure and
encrypted connection.
Mettler Electronics Corp. The Laser Sys*Stim allows the
clinician to set treatment time, continuous/pulse
modulation modes and laser output energy. FDA
Approved for treating symptoms related to Carpal Tunnel
Syndrome (CTS).
The EFA is the only service that can
objectively age and quantify soft tissue
injuries.  It can help objectively evaluate
patients’ injuries in order to create an
appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan.  
The result?  Faster, more effective healing.
Electrodiagnostic Functional Assessment
(EFA) is the enhancement and combination of
five accepted medical tests:  
Electromyography, Range of Motion,
Functional Capacity Evaluation, Pinch and
Grip Strength.
Together in partnership with Insight
Diagnostics, California Occupational Clinic is
the only facility in the downtown Los Angeles
area who can offer these services.
Open 24 Hours &
7 Days a Week
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